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The Technical Center For Maintenance Work

The technical center for maintenance work was establishment by Maher Iskandar Ghattas since 50 years for doing a big collection of various tasks works as following:
1- Operating and maintenance for all equipments and constructing tasks for fuel station, lubricating and maintenance the following:
a. All kinds of benzene pumps.
b. Oil pumps.
c. All kinds of washing machines.
d. All kind of water pumps.
e. Air compressors and Potpourri.
f. All kinds of lubricating pumps.
g. Nozzles (benzene, lubricating and oil).
h. Counter (oil and air).
2- The center manufactures most of requested spare parts for maintenance on a high quality level.
3- The center does field visit for different sites on demand of the companies for supervising and maintenance.
Center advantages:
1- 50 years of experience in this field.
2- The company have technicals on a high level of technical and skilled for these operations (manufacture, maintenance, replacing, renewal).
3- Certified maintenance technical from assay and weight administration.
4- All works execution in a safe form and un harmful for environment, for that the company have the following:
a. Responsible for safety and health work with experience not less than 25 years.
b. Workers who have been trained well on safety and health work in the biggest international companies.
5- Call center for receiving calls about faults.
6- Preparing cars for with requested tools for maintenance and requested spare parts for immediately maintenance.
Trained team work on a high level for doing any task through 24 hours from date calling.

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